Account and Password Procedures



Account and Password Procedures

How to Get an account in hpce

 In order to use HPCE resources you must have an account on each cluster or resource you are planning to work on.

A valid LDAP/ADS emailid is required in order to login to CC web site for creating a request for new/renewal of account.

New Account

To request access to HPC clusters, please login to the site.

After login, click the link located at button “ Hpce-Create My Hpce account”  fill in all required information including your faculty email id. An email will be sent to your faculty seeking his/her approval for creating the requested account.

Please keep our institute email address of yours valid at all times as all notifications and important communications from HPCE will be sent to it.


Getting Started


After activating your accounts, consult our guide for accessing our resources. If you are new to working in a Unix or Linux environment, consult our introduction to UNIX and our guide to basic Unix commands. 


How to Renew an Account

All User accounts are created for a period of 1 year duration and after this the user accounts have to be renewed. Account expiration notification emails will be sent 30 days prior to expiration and reminders will also be sent in the last week of the validity period. You can use site to renew your account or download the RenewalForm fill it and submit it to HPCE Team. 

Please note that in the event of account expires, all files associated with the account on home directory  and related files will be deleted after a period of 3 months from the validity period.

Account information - user credentials

You will receive account information by email. When you have received your password, you must immediately change it. See below on how to change your password below.


Password and account protection


A user is given a username (also known as a login name) and associated password that permits her/him to access HPCE resources. This username/password pair may be used by a single individual only: passwords must not be shared with any other person.

Passwords must be changed as soon as possible after exposure or suspected compromise. Exposure of passwords and suspected compromises must immediately be reported:

NOTE: Each user is responsible for all activities originating from any of his or her username(s).

A username/password pair must NOT be shared under any circumstances. Users who share their passwords will have their access to HPCE systems disabled. Users should not leave clear-text passwords in a location accessible to others or secured in a location for which protection is less than that required for protecting the information that can be accessed using the password.


Changing a password


To change your password, Once you are logged in to the cluster, type the command


and respond to the prompts by entering your old password and your new password. Please remember that this will change your password.


Obtaining a new password


If you have forgotten your password send an email to with your account details from your smail ID.


Closing of user accounts


User accounts on HPCE are automatically removed when they expire in the user database.

Storage Allocations and Policies

Each individual user is assigned a standard storage allocation or quota on home directory.  The jobs of those who use more than their allocated space will be blocked from submitting  until they stick on the allocated space on the file systems. The below detail shows the storage allocations for individual accounts.

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*Note:  Capacity of the /home file system varies from cluster to cluster. Each cluster has its own /home.   

When an account reaches 100% of its allocation, job shows DISK QUOTA error.


Automatic File Deletion Policy

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