Acceptable Use Policy

Executive Summary

This document sets out the conditions under which access to the network and computing resources at IIT Madras are granted to users. This covers all services and resources provided through the institute (either through the Centre for Computing Resources or through any individual department). (Note: This document is subject to revision without advance notice. For the latest version, please refer to the policy document present on the Computer Centre website at

Anyone who needs to use computing or network resources / equipment through the IIT Madras system must agree to the conditions of this policy. If you do not agree with any provisions of this document, please inform the system administrators of the Computer Centre and stop using any access facilities provided through the CC until the problems are resolved.

The main points may be summarized as follows:

  1. The laws of the Government of India with regard to use of devices and technology are the ultimate authority in case of dispute. The policy matters discussed in this document are meant as guidelines and are subject to interpretation in light of the laws.
  2. The primary usage of resources is for academic purposes. In case of any conflict of interest, academic usage will be given priority over non-academic requirements.
  3. Each individual is given a login account for this purpose. Using this account, they can authorize access either to network or other resources. They are then responsible for any use of these resources, including any malicious or illegal material that may result.
    1. Protect this account. Sharing your password with any other person, even friend or family member, will still mean problems are traced back to your account.
  4. The use of another person’s account, with or without permission, is not allowed under any circumstances, and may result in both users accounts being suspended.
  5. Public access machines, such as those found in laboratories, are not to be used for downloading or storing any material that may be objectionable to any other user.
  6. Sharing or hosting material that is objectionable or illegal in any form is not permitted, and will attract appropriate penalties, up to and including disciplinary action from the institute or referral to cyber-crime authorities. Any legal issues resulting from such misuse will be solely the responsibility of the individual concerned.