HPCE IIT Madras in collaboration with NVIDIA is organizing a hackathon for students to help accelerate their applications on GPUs. Please take advantage of this event to improve performance of your research applications. Note that this is not a competition. NVIDIA experts would help improve speedup of your applications. The event is planned on January 24 + 25.


Please register for the hackathon. More details would be sent to the registered participants.


The event is scheduled from 09:00--17:00 at Aryabhatta Hall (CSB 25), CSE Department, IIT Madras.

Day 1 (January 24)
+ Opening ceremony
+ Half-day presentations and training from NVIDIA
+ Half-day hands-on session from NVIDIA

Day 2 (January 25)
+ Application optimization by IITM Teams
+ Evaluation
+ Closing ceremony