SonicWall Email Security

All the incoming/outgoing mails to the institute will pass through SonicWall Email Security system.

Policy: If the user sends 200 mails per hour the user will be blocked as a flood sender and a mail will be send to the user before getting blocked.

           If the mails are genuine(such mails triggered for MS/PHD admission, conference exclusion will be given for period of time)

          For getting exclusion mail to be send to

Web interface to SonicWall (needs to go through proxy):

ADS users and OpenLDAP users can login to the site and administer the settings for their respective emails. Following are few features that users can explore using the web interface to this filter:

  1. Unjunk mails that are wrongly caught by the filter. Add safe email addresses to the address book.
  2. Override corporate defaults on Anti-spam aggressiveness - to set higher / lower levels of aggressiveness for different categories.
  3. Override corporate defaults on Languages - to allow / disallow emails in certain languages
  4. Override corporate defaults on Spam Management - to configure actions to be taken for mails marked as Definite Spam and Likely Spam.
  5. Delegate a user with a specific email address to manage your mail filtering.
  6. Override corporate defaults on Junk mail summary mail that is sent at regular intervals.
  7. View Reports and Monitoring statistics such as
       Dash board showing "Good Email vs Junk Email" graph and Junk Email Breakdown graph
       Inbound Good vs Junk mail graph (Hourly, Daily and Monthly)
       Outbound Good vs Junk mail graph (Hourly, Daily and Monthly)
       Junk Email Breakdown on Categories (Hourly, Daily and Monthly)
  8. Downloads that plug into your Outlook client.

Important: Email users of subdomains can ask eservices to set the mail field of their OpenLDAP account so that they can login and handle junk mail settings for their email on subdomain.

Here are some tips to help you handle spam better.

Feature Corporate Default Menu Option Your option
Languages Mails in all languages are allowed. This is to avoid bias against any particular language. "Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing"-> "Languages" If you are not expecting mails in languages other than English, override this setting to filter such mails out. This is particularly useful if you happen to receive too many junk mails with content in east-asian languages.
Likely Spam Mails are categorized as Likely Spam when SonicWall is not certain. These mails are not labelled and are sent along with regular mail to the users assuming that it is easier to delete the mails than to login to SonicWall everyday to unjunk those messages. Spam Management You can override this setting to label those messages and to retain them in junkmail folder. You can visit the SonicWall site every day to unjunk those mails that are wrongly categorized. This will reduce the number of mails coming to your inbox.
Delegate No delegates for any user. Settings->Delegate If you are too busy to check the junkmail folder for any genuine mails, you can delegate the responsibility to another user by picking the user's email address.You can instruct that user to login every day, click on the delegate link on left side bottom and unjunk genuine mails for you.
Summary mail Once a day Junk-box Summary You can override this setting to receive junk-box summary mail more / less often as you desire. You can also disable by choosing "Never".
Anti-Spam Aggressiveness Strong for "Grid Network Aggressiveness", Strongest for "Adversarial Bayesian Aggressiveness", Strong for "Sexual Content", "Offensive Language", "Images" and Strongest for "Get Rich Quick", "Gambling", "Advertisements" "Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing" -> Anti-Spam Aggressiveness Override settings to make stronger / weaker settings.

Some filters that are active during outbound mail processing:

Filter Name Action
NON-IITM If From-address does not contain the string "", mail will be permanently deleted.
Intranet-Bypass If To/Cc/Bcc-address as well as From-address contain the string "" and the mail is originating from then skip all spam check and deliver.

Some filters that are active during inbound mail processing:

Filter Name Action
webadministrator If the subject contains "Warning! Your mailbox is almost full." mail will be permanently deleted.
Email Account Upgrade If the subject contains "WEBMASTER EMAIL ACCOUNT UPGRADE" mail will be permanently deleted.