Retiree Detail`s

Details of Retiree account.

  1. URL:
  2. where XXX is your PPO Number.
  3. Existing IITM mail id will be valid till 30 days from the date of retirement and will be deleted thereafter.
  4. CPFG: 80xxx example: CPFG-19 will have the id:
  5. NPS: 7XXXX where xxxx is employee id example:
  6. SVRS: 99xxx where xxx is the SVRS Number example:
  7. Faculty ADS
  8. Staff ADS

    Ex: will be given us { &}

Staff staying on campus after retirement:

  1. Staff staying on campus after retirement can use Open LDAP account for browsing the Internet using the following steps.
  2. Open LDAP account: Existing username with suffix 1 at the end Example: Existing username: sanand Open LDAP username: sanand1

  3. Institute announcements will be subscribed to retiree account.
  4. For further queries mail to :


List of Retiree`s