E-mail on exchange server

Users who have their account on ADS are eligible to have their inboxes on MS Exchange server with email.iitm.ac.in as the front end. Here are the different ways one can send and receive mails.

  1. You can configure MS Outlook to send and receive mails using either email.iitm.ac.in (visible in intranet as well as internet)  as your exchange server. Provide your ADS username and password as credentials.
  2. Clients such as Mail on Apple iPad support Exchange. You can send / receive mails, use calendar and addressbook features of exchange easily from both intranet as well as Internet. Use email.iitm.ac.in as your exchange server and provide your ADS username and password as credentials. Our exchange server support "Direct Push" - once you have configured your iPad, mails will arrive at your client as soon as Exchange receives them.
  3. A browser is all that you need to use the open web access (owa interface) to send and receive mails. Use your ADS username and password to login to the site. If you use internet explorer, you will be able to do most of what outlook users can do. But if you use Firefox or other browsers, you will be able to use this interface in "Open Web Access Light" version that has limited features. Basic features such as send / receive mails, addressbook lookup, making calendar entries etc., are available across all browsers using this interface.
  4. If your favourite e-mail client does not support direct connection to exchange server, then you can use the IMAP or POP3 feature to receive your Exchange mail. Configure the incoming IMAP or POP3 server as email.iitm.ac.in and use ADS username and password for the login credentials. Configure smtp2.iitm.ac.in as outgoing smtp server and use your OpenLDAP username and password for the login credentials. Note that smtp2.iitm.ac.in uses authentication. Both these servers are visible from Internet. Eg., kmail or evolution on Linux, Thunderbird on Windows / Linux can be configured this way.
  5. If none of the above options satisfy you, you can forward your mails on Exchange to your favourite email host. Register a complaint in Helpdesk to set the forward.
  6. For more details please visit https://eservices.iitm.ac.in