OpenLDAP account

All the members of the Institute are eligible to have an account on OpenLDAP.

  1. All the students have their OpenLDAP account with the login name same as their roll number in lower case.
  2. Faculty and Staff who have their ADS account have their OpenLDAP account created already with the same login name except the trailing numeral "1" to help distinguish the two accounts.
  3. Project staff and all visitors will be given OpenLDAP account. Click here to apply online.

OpenLDAP account is used in the Institute for the following services for students

  1. Students can login to workflow website to participate in the academic workflow of the Institute, e.g., registration for courses, add and drop of courses.
  2. OpenLDAP users can login to Computer Center website to view protected content linked in the right hand side menu.
  3. Students can login to moodle to access course related resources.
  4. Students and hostel management staff can login to ikollege portal to work with the hostel management for mess automation related tasks.