Microsoft Exchange Client configuration runs on microsoft exchange server 2013

Configuring outlook client






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How to setup email client to Set up an Email Client -Document 1.pdf


How to setup email client (Video) to Set up an Email Client with Video.pdf


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Attachment size limit in

Incoming and Outgoing: 10MB


IITM email exchange server:

IITM email server is enabled with feature of malware if there is any malware activity Exchange mailboxes in quarantine state due to freezing of multiple threads used by MAPI clients to access mailboxes make mailboxes unavailable for the users for some time.


Users came to know that their mailbox is in quarantine state when

Not able to send/receive any mail through the mailbox and when trying to access the Outlook Web Access receive an error saying, “Something went wrong. Cannot get the information.”

External users send any message to the quarantine mailbox; it shows a delivery error, “Your mailbox was not delivered because the recipient’s mailbox is quarantined.”