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Jun-20-2016 Hurry if you want to develop your skillset!!!!!

Sandeepani School of Embedded System Design, Bangalore, has been a launching pad for students eager to build a career in the VLSI and Embedded system industry. Below are some of our recruiters in the past few months.

Register NOW!

Course name

Course fee

Registration Link

VLSI Design and Verification

Rs. 85,000


Embedded Linux Development

Rs. 55,000


Real Time Embedded System Development

Rs. 55,000


Avail merit scholarships and group discounts. Batches starting shortly. Batch size restricted to 25 students only, on first-come-first-serve basis.

We welcome student enquiries. Please contact:

Arun John Mathias

Asst Manager Training

Sandeepani School of Embedded System Design

CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd

21, 7th Main, I Block, Koramangala,

Bangalore 560034, India

Ph: +91-80-41970441. Mobile: +91-9844182555

[], []




Apr-26-2016 Matlab

Access MATLAB from a web browser: Introducing MATLAB Online for Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Licenses

MATLAB Online gives new and existing users instant access to MATLAB – no download or installation is required. This means that everyone at your school can use MATLAB Online on personal computers, lab computers, or Chromebooks.

For more information on MATLAB Online and limitations, go to:

Apr-15-2016 Matlab

Commercial Softwares License Registration

Dear all,

              Kindly fill up this form if you want to use licenses of commercial software maintained at Computer Center.

Students who have already registered and using the license are also requested to fill the form since activation will be done afresh.

If you get an error stating "hostname already exists" kindly change the machine's host-name and re-submit the form.


Abaqus License File are received and updated, Now It's ready to use.


Watch videos and download presentations from Mathworks experts and customers CLICK-HERE

22 July 2015


Using Algorithmic Differentiation techniques - Webinar 22 July 2015

30 minute webinar including live examples

For details please visit


October 20, 2015

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015 »

Be one of the first to experience new releases and see how Wolfram technologies give you a competitive edge at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2015, October 20–22. Register now or submit your presentation for this year's event.

July 1, 2015

eSeminar: Composites Modeling with Abaqus


6th May 2015

Only those who have registered for the MATLAB with CC will be allowed to use them. Others will not be allowed to use licenses. This will be implemented from 06/05/2015 10 AM onwards. Those who have not registerd yet, please register in the following link

20th April, 2015
Since the file system is full, we would be running a script on 20th April 2015 in Virgo, which would clear all the files and folders in the scratch except the directory of the current running job. So make sure you don't keep any useful data in the scratch.


Note : There is no backup for scratch folders by HPCE team.


6th April, 2015

License registration process will be started for intel.

20th March, 2015

This is a survey which would facilitate Computer Center to get information about the users using institute's licenses for executing any of the pre/post/solver of the commercial software (wherever applicable). This will help  CC to plan Renewal/Purchase of licenses.
All license usage will be on 80:20 basis.(80% from the departments and 20% from Computer Center).
Form needs to be submitted on or before 20/3/2015.
Only on registration, licenses will be made available by the license server and without registration licenses will not be available for Institute's commercial software running in Computer Centre.
Those who have already registered for intel compilers, need not register again  for the same.
All the users of the commercial applications listed in the registration form are requested to register in the link below


23th February, 2015

System will be released to the users.

19th February, 2015

Shutdown of Virgo for Manitenance.

14th January, 2015

Comsol Training

COMSOL training details are as below:
City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Date: February 5th & February 6th, 2015
Location: Hotel Vestin Park, Egmore, Chennai -08

More information about COMSOL training courses can be found here:
•       Introduction to COMSOL – Feb 05, 2015 :
•       COMSOL Multiphysics Advanced Features – Feb 06, 2015 :

The outline for COMSOL training program is as below:
-This is a certified training program.
-The cost is 5000/- INR per person for each day. Academic & group discounts are available.
-You can choose to attend either one day or both days.
-The fee includes course material, lunch and refreshments.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


17th December 2014

Libra cluster is down due to File system issues, it will be up and running within today.


9th December 2014

 GNR cluster is down due to power failure.


17th November 2014

The number of jobs for Gaussian Users have been increased to 50. Dear Gaussian users kindly plan your jobs accordingly.


14th November 2014

The number of jobs for Gaussian Users have been restricted to 20. Dear Gaussian users kindly plan your job accordingly.


31st July 2014

Virgo system will not be available to users on 31/7/2014 from 9AM to 5PM in view of UPS maintenance.
Kindly schedule your jobs accordingly.

Inconvenience caused is regretted.



1st May 2014

 There is an issue in the network/vm of the license server, the issue is posted to the vendor, he will be coming tomorrow since today is a holiday. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be fixed. Thanks for your patience and co-ordination.


7th April 2014

The Virgo system is up and running. The submitted jobs got killed and the jobs which were in queue also got killed because of the system problem.

Kindly resubmit your jobs.

Kindly delete all jobs files created in scratch directory by these unfinished jobs.


3rd April 2014

The virgo super cluster has crashed due to an unavoidable incident, you will be intimated as soon as the cluster is up and ready to use. Your patience is appreciated.

 2nd April 2014

Release of 256 core cluster -- gnr
We are happy to announce the release of a 256 cores machine, called "GNR" in the P.G. Senapathy Computer Centre at IIT Madras. This machines is specially built for
the usage of B.Tech. and DD students of IITM. The details can be found at:
All new accounts for B.Tech. and DD students will be created in "GNR". Please contact for creating your account.
The B.Tech. and DD students, who are currently using "Virgo" cluster for executing their jobs, are requested to transfer their accounts to "GNR" as soon as possible.
Please write to to receive the account info from your smail account. Please note that all your files will automatically be transferred from Virgo to GNR. Your VIrgo account will be DEACTIVATED on April 21 at 12 noon. Hence, you must contact HPCE Team before this deadline.

20th Janaury 2013

 Ansys 15 & Fluent 15 installed

To load the latest Ansys 15 & Fluent 15 version in virgo use the below path.

ANSYS & Fluent = /sware/ansys15/ansys_inc/v150/

15th Janaury 2013

 Comsole 4.4 installed

To load the latest Comsole 4.4 version in virgo use the below path.

COMSOLE = /sware/comsol/comsol4.4/bin


18 th November 2013

  Licenses Server Change

The licenses running on the existing license server(leo0- will be stopped on 18/11/2013 and the new license server( will be functional from 18/11/2013. In this transition some of the running jobs will get killed and users are requested to submit such killed jobs again.

The List of Software License in the New License Server as follows

 1. Ansys
 2. Fluent
 3. Abaqus
 4. Matlab
 5. Mathematica
 6. Intel compilers
 7. Comsol
 8. Star/Starccm
The inconvenience caused is regretted.


Kindly refer to the following link for updating your license server

(Note: You must login to see the information)


12th  & 13th of November 2013

 Orientation program on Ansys/Fluent

 There are lot of changes in the Modules of  Ansys/Fluent. Ansys/Fluent is withdrawing some features of Ansys/Fluent and introducing new features in Ansys/Fluent. Hence an orientation program for Ansys/Fluent has been arranged in Computer Center. It becomes essential for Ansys/Fluent users to attend this orientation program to use Ansys/Fluent without any difficulty. 


                                    Venue                          :           Central Lecture Theatre(CLT)

                                    Date                            :           12th  & 13th of November 2013

                                    Time                            :           10am to 5 pm


 10th July

Dear Users,
The Virgo system is ready and is under observation.
Users can submit jobs.
If there are any problems, kindly contact HPCE @ 5997 or send mail to

24th June 2013

Dear Users,

The GPFS file systems crashed and killed the running jobs.                
Users are requested to submit their jobs again.
Please plan your jobs for the next ten days as there will be a planned
shutdown on 8/7/2013 and 9/7/2013 for firmware upgrade of the file systems.
Inconvenience caused is regretted

18th June 2013

Dear Virgo Users,

An one day workshop on IBM HPC is being held on 18th June  at ED cad lab. Interested can participate by registering their names at
13th June 2013

Dear Virgo Users,

A Intel workshop is being held on 13th june at ED cad lab. Students and faculty of differernt departments can participate by registering at

17th April 2013

Dear Virgo Users,

The System is now available and the users can start using it.

The System was unavailable due to some file system issues. 

 15th April 2013

Dear Users of Virgo,

IBM engineers are still working on the GPFS file system.As soon as the file system is ready, the system will be released to the users.We will inform the users through mail, once the system is ready.

Inconvenience caused is regretted

10th April 2013

Dear Users of Virgo, 

we are experiencing some problem with the file systems resulting in very slow read/write. IBM engineers claim that they have identified the issue and have suggested some remedial actions. To incorporate these we need to take the system for maintenance on Monday the 15th of April from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.The cluster will not be available to the users during this time.  

Inconvenience caused is regretted

28th March 2013

The Virgo cluster has file system issues and to fix these issues, the system will be taken for maintenance on Wednesday 3/4/2013 at 9 AM. The system will not be available to users on 3/4/2013 from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Kindly schedule your jobs accordingly.
Inconvenience Caused is regretted.

25th March 2013
The  formal inauguration of the VIRGO  cluster  on 28th March 2013, Thursday in CSB - 25 at 3 pm. Please note that on the same day we have the HPC in house symposium starting from 2.00 PM. The venue for both the functions are the same. 

We  request all of you to participate and make the function a grand success.


14th March 2013

Star4.18 installed

To load the latest Star4.18 version in virgo use the below path.

STAR4.18 = /sware/star4.18/bin

23rd January 2013

MatlabR2012b installed

To load the latest MatlabR2012b version in virgo use the below path.

 MatlabR2012b = /sfs1/sware/matlabr2012b/bin

Desktop User's may collect CD from computer centre or download it from


21st January 2013

virgo is now available to the users.   If you face any issue, please mail or call to HPCE Team
11th January 2013

As you may have observed  the file systems on Virgo  have been rather unstable.  We have been in touch with IBM to sort out this issue.  IBM claims that they have identified the problem with GPFS and will start working on it from Tuesday the 15th of January onwards.  They expect to complete the task by the end of the week.

Virgo will not be available to the users during this period from 15th to 20th of Janaury 2013.   

Inconvenience caused is regretted.

9th January 2013

Virgo cluster is working fine. Still there is some file system issue.IBM Engineers are working on this.

28th December 2012

The IB Network of the Virgo cluster has Some problem & IBM is working on this.

As soon as the system is ready we will inform you.

24th December 2012

The problem is temporarily solved. But the cause of the problem is not known and the system is under observation. 

Duration of availability cannot be guaranteed till the cause is known and solved.

There is some filesystem issuse, IBM Engineers are working on it and it should be shorted out shortly.
We will upated you the status, once the issue is resolved.
Inconvenience caused is regretted.

21st December 2012

System is UP and Running.

13th December 2012

VIRGO will be under hardware maintenance from 19/12/12 to 21/12/12 and the system will not be available to the users on these days.  

Kindly schedule your jobs accordingly. Inconvenience caused is regretted.  

Prior to certifying the final installation report of VIRGO cluster,  we will have a users meeting. This is scheduled  on  20/12/2012 at HSB 203 ( Physics Department Conference Room)  at 3 P.M.  IBM Engineers will  be present at this meeting.  Please  attend this meeting and explain the  problems that you are have in  running the  jobs on VIRGO. 

8th November 2012

The cmake, gsl-1.15 and itpp-4.2 is installed in Virgo Super cluster. The path to access the same as follows


ITPP     =/sware/itpp4.2

GSL     =/sware/gsl1.15

2nd November 2012

Vega super cluster is out of warranty and will not be available from 5/11/2012 onwards

1st November 2012

COMSOL 4.3 is now available in our Virgo Cluster at /sware/comsol/COMSOL43/bin.
Comsol 4.3 intallation instruction is now available  here.

 15th October 2012

Happy to announce that  the new IBM cluster  VIRGO will be available to the users from  Tuesday, 16-10-2012.
Please ssh to   to access this machine.  Since this is a new system there may still be some issues that need to be addressed  and the machine may need reboot at short notice.  The users are therefore requested to submit only short jobs for the first two weeks.

5th October 2012

IBM is still working on the scheduler and will take some more days to complete it.
Hence we have powered on the IB Cluster of Vega and will run it for 10 days.
All queues except high memory queues will be allowed in IB Cluster.
This is just a temporary  arrangement .
Once Virgo is ready, it will be released to users.

1st October 2012

Wolfram is planning to conduct a Mathematica Seminar at IIT Madras 

 The Seminar will be on 5th October 2012 (10am to 12pm) at CAD Lab of Engineering Design Department. This seminar will be an unique opportunity to experience the breakthroughs that broaden the scope of Mathematica software and Wolfram System Modeler.

 Those interested in participating may please register here

 26th September 2012 

 Computer Centre is organizing a workshop on GPU and CUDA programing  on 27-28 September 2012.
Date : 27/9/2012 Time : 3 PM  Venue : Engineering Design class room  ED108 
Date : 28/9/2012 Time : 10 AM  Venue : CAD lab of ED department
Those who are interested may kindly register by sending  a mail to 

25th September 2012 

The Vega cluster is out of warranty and will be shut down on the 26th of this month. It will be dismantled and removed from the data centre.  
We will be keeping a copy of all files in your home directory as of 20/9/2012 and you can ask for it when needed.
If you have some important files in the scratch or data, please copy them before the 25th of this month.

10th August 2012

The Vega cluster is now partially up. The file system had crashed due to UPS failure and there are still some problems with the sfs1 ( home) file system.

After login please check your files and if there are any problems in accessing any of the files, please Contact our HelpDesk(5999) or mail us to

8th August 2012

One set of UPSs connected to Vega crashed because of battery problem and hence the Vega cluster is down.

UPS engineers are working on the problem and it is not clear when these UPSs will come up.

As soon as the UPSs are ready Vega will be made available to the users.

Matlab 2012a installed

 To load the latest Matlab 2012a version use the below path.

 Matlab 2012a = /sfs1/sware/matlabr2012a/bin

Ansys 14 installed:

 To load the latest Ansys version use the below path.

For CFX           = /sfs1/sware/ansys14/v140/CFX/bin

For Fluent14  = /sfs1/sware/ansys14/v140/fluent/bin

For icemcfd    = /sfs1/sware/ansys14/v140/icemcfd/linux64_amd/bin

 Abaqus 6.11 installed:

To load the latest Abaqus version use the below path.

 Abaqus 6.11    = /sfs1/sware/abaqus6.11/Commands

 License Server Crashed:

 License server was crashed at 5.30 pm and it was refixed around 6.30 pm