Symposium 2014


HPC-2014 symposium on High Performance Computing on April 25, 2014 at IIT Madras

Symposium Schedule

Symposium Topics

Session -1

1. Anil Prabhakar IIT Madras Micromagnetic Magnonics

2. Srivatsan IIT Madras Wave propagation in disordered graphene

3. Aditya Pratapa IIT Madras Massively parallel evaluation of combinatorial gene deletions in pathogenic organisms

4. Revathi S IIT Madras Unravelling the mechanism of CETP inhibition through molecular dynamics simulations:   Insights for rational drug discovery

5. Sam David CP IIT Madras Phase behaviour of DDAB surfactant in water and ionic solvents

Session -2

1. Rupesh Nasre IIT Madras Graph Algorithms on GPUs

2. Madhusmitha Tripathy IIT Madras A Systematic Coarse-graining Model for Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone)

3. Vidhya G Nair IIT Madras Electronic and Magnetic Properties of YCrO3 and YFeO3 A First Principles Study

4. Tabish Umar Ansari IIT Madras Weather Research & Forecasting

5. V Anji Reddy IIT Madras Flow computations using N-S Equations and MPI

Session -3

1. N Karthikeyan IIT Madras Lossless parallel implementation of a Turbo Decoder on a GPU

2. Mithipati Siva Bhaskar Indian Institute of Science Phase field study of coarsening behaviour in binary alloys with      variable mobility

3. Venkatesh Ch IIT Madras First Principle calculations on the Heusler type Intermetallic alloys

4. D Varun Raj IIT Madras Effect of Turbulence on Turbine performance

5. Pramod Bhuvankar IIT Madras MPI for optimization of multiphase flow CFD code

6. Rajkumar Manna IIT Madras Dynamics of polyelectrolyte in simple shear flow using Dissipative Particle Dynamics

Session -4

1. Ankita Pandey IIT Madras Flow-induced non-equilibrium self-assembly in suspensions of stiff, apolar, active filaments

2. Venket Reddy Chirasa IIT Madras Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)

3. K.Vikranth Reddy IIT Madras Symbolic computations and simplifications by parallelization on shared memory multiprocessors.

4. Subramanya Barathi IIT Madras Data mining classification and computation on GPUs

5. Gerald Tennyson IIT Madras MPI+OpenCL implementation of a phase-field method to study dendritic solidification