Symposium 2013

Sysposium Topics


1.Ms. Prathyusha K.R,Dept of Phtsics

("Formulation of an algorithm to implement Lowe-Andersen thermostat in parallel molecular simulation package LAMMPS")

2.Ms.Rajeswari A,Dept of Biotechnology

("Performance benchmarking of molecular dynamics simulation of HIV-1 Protese")

3.Dr.Soumendra Nath Kuriy,Dept of Civil Engineering

("Dam-Break modeling and storm surge propagation")

4.Dr.Ethayaraja mani,Dept of Chemaical Engineering

("Engineering Interactions between colloids")

5.Mr. Gerald Tennyson P,Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

("Computational modelling of dendritic solidification using MPI and OpenCL Phase-Field method ")

6.Mr.Pankaj Kumar,Dept of Mechanical Engineering

("Interaction of bubble (wake cavitation) with ultrasound")

7.Mr.Srivatsan B,Dept of Physics

("An excat enumeration of solid partitons of intergers <=72")