About GNR Cluster


GNR cluster in HPCE

GNR Cluster:

This cluster is named after the scientist Prof. G N Ramachandran.

HPC at IIT Madras has introduced a cluster for the B.Techs and beginners with a setup of

  • 1 Head Node on Super micro servers with Dual Processors, Eight-Core Intel Xeon Ivy bridge E5-2650v2 series processors with 4 X 8GB RAM and 500 GB of SATA Hard disk.
  • 16 compute nodes based on super micro server with Dual processor, Eight-core Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge E5-2650v2 series Processors with 4 X 8 GB RAM and 500 GB of SATA Hard disk in each node.
  • 14TB of shared storage.