Software Stack



System Software


·         Novell SuSE Enterprise Linux with SP2

·         Extreme Cluster Administration Toolkit (xCAT)

·         IBM General Parallel File System

·         IBM LoadLeveler

·         Intel Cluster Studio

·         IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 

Computer Simulation Software

Below is an overview of installed software on Virgo.    

Text File Editor

ü  Gvim/ VI editor

ü  Emacs

ü  Gedit



ü  Gnu compilers 4.3.4

ü  Intel compilers 2017

ü  Javac 1.7.0

ü  Python 2.7/2.7.3

ü  Cmake 3.8

ü  Perl 5.10.0

 Parallel Computing Frameworks


ü  openmpi

ü  mpich

ü  Intel-mpi

  Research Software Package

Commercial Software


ü  Gromacs 2016

ü  Ansys 18.1

ü  Amber 11,12

ü  Abaqus 2018

ü  Fluent 18.1

ü  Comsol 5.3a

ü  Mathematica  11.3

ü  Matlab 2018a

ü  Gaussian 16

Scientific Libraries

ü  FFTW -3.3.2

ü  HDF5

ü  MKL

ü  GNU Scientific Library




Open Source Software

ü  NAMD 2.9

ü  OpenFoam

ü  Scilab

Interpreters and Runtime Environments

ü  Java 1.7.0

ü  Python 2.7/2.7.3

ü  Numpy 1.6.1

 Visualization Software


ü  Gnuplot 4.0



ü  Gnu gdb

Intel idb

  If there is any software missing on this list that you would like to have installed on Virgo, or you need help to install your own software, please feel free to contact us: