ADS account

Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS) is used as authentication for all faculty and staff. It is configured for the windows domain iitm. All permanent faculty, staff, those using official IDs, thoseĀ  involved in the workflow of the Institute and who need services that are authenticated only by ADS are eligible to have an account on ADS. Following are some services that authenticate against ADS:

  1. MS Exchange mail server - login to check your email.
  2. Workflow (intranet only) - login to participate in Institute workflow.
  3. Moodle (intranet only) - login to administer the courses you are currently teaching.
  4. Workflow documentation (intranet only) - login to view extensive documentation on Institute workflow and also to add your comments.
  5. FSportal (intranet only) - login required to view protected content such as icsr statistics, payslips, upload feature for photograph, publications and your profile that appears on the iitm website apart from rate contracts, forms, circulars and lots of useful documents from the ice project.
  6. FAQ on eservices (intranet only) - login required to edit / create new content.
  7. VPN1 and VPN2 (Internet only) - login and register to access intranet from outside the campus.
  8. ICSR Accounts (intranet only) - login to see accounts information of your projects.
  9. CCW portal - login to see detailed profile of students as per your role.
  10. ADS users can login to SonicWall web interface to clear any junk mail and to set mail filter options. Don't forget to choose the "IITM" option in the "Log in to:" drop down menu. Mails arriving at the address <ADSLogin> that is indicated in the "mail" field of your ADS account can be managed in this interface. If you need to manage your mails that arrive at a subdomain, you can use your OpenLDAP account. Drop a line to eservices to indicate your alternate email in the mail field of your OpenLDAP account.
  11. ADS users can use the proxy to access web from within the campus. Use as the URL and 3128 as port. Configure your browser using the automatic script at to bypass proxy for intranet pages and use proxy only for Internet.
  12. Computer Center website - Login here to see a set of protected documents linked on the right hand side menu.

If you have an ADS account, you may like to check if the credentials are correct and to know what groups the account belongs to. Login to this site using your ADS credentials and click on the menu link on the right hand side e-services -> My ADS -> My ADS Info. You should see relevant information about your ADS credentials.